For the past several years, owner Mark Sallada discovered one of his passions was to keep people safe. One of those recent passions was Hi-Viz apparel. You may wonder, why Hi-Viz? 


Simply because you need it to stay safe by being seen. Thousands get seriously injured or killed in industrial accidents and directing traffic each year. With one of the main concerns "I could not see you".


As other markets design products on cost, we design products to keep you safe. We just happen to generally come in cheaper too. You will find our products "pop". There not just average Hi-Viz apparel. All our clothing have orange accents and extra reflective material placed at specific locations.


Be Seen. Be Safe.

My name is Mark Sallada, I'm the founder and creator of Traffic Gu-Ru. 


Every garment you see has been personally inspected and designed by me. Everything was designed from my past experience with other Hi-Viz items, taking it all and making it better with competitive pricing. I have grown up in the public safety field my entire life, it's in my blood. Hi-Viz safety apparel was always one of my passions, keeping people safe, no matter what industry. 


I'm pleased to release a few garments that have been in demand for better materials and better visibility. I feel 100% confident that these products will help keep you safe when you need to be seen. 


Everyone goes home. Be Seen. Be Safe. 


Mark Sallada